Technology innovation towards 100% renewable Distributed Generation:

1. Large wind turbine and wind farms implementation
2. Off-Shore wind technologies 
3. Small to medium/community  wind energy
4. Innovative storage technologies, load balancing and methodologies for 100% renewable
5. Wind energy challenges and innovation in hot climate , dust and desert conditions
6. Promoting urban wind energy, hybrid power generation, off-grid and Micro-grid –technologies and policies
7. Wind power equipment and components, Design and manufacture towards 100% Distributed Generation
8. Other innovative technologies for 100% renewable Distributed Generation

Policies and markets

9. National policies
10. International policies 
11. Distributed Generation across borders, international frameworks and cooperation
12. Market planning, trends, obstacles, challenges and countermeasures
13. Policies to bolster community based ownership
14. Wind energy public relations, education and training to promote feasibility of 100% renewable Distributed Generation

Towards and beyond 100% Renewable Energy:

15. Updates to incentive mechanisms, financing and risk control
16. Grid integration, stability and standards for distributed power generation
17. National / regional wind power capacity, policies and obstacles
18. Standards, testing, certification and labeling towards 100% renewable Distributed Generation
19. Wind technology in harmony with the environment & aviation
A. Environmental aspects during planning phase
B. Wind turbines for protecting humans, fish & wildlife
C. Bird migration mapping tools and initiatives, national and regional
D. Increasing sustainability for lower environmental impact of wind energy technologies
E. Flight security and wind turbines
20. Beyond 100% renewable energy – Using available extra power for community new industries development
21. Beyond 100% renewable energy – Using available extra power for non grid-connected applications (water pumping, heating & cooling, desalination…)

Wind Resource Assessment & Wind Farm Planning and operating

22. Wind resources evaluation
23. Wind farms planning & construction
24. Operation & Maintenance trends