Economical-Environmental Assessment of Wind Power Generation in Israel
Ms. Orna Raviv
Powering Africa: Electricity & Prosperity (Workshop)
Prof. Dieter Holm
Decommissioning of Wind Farms – Ensuring Low Environmental Impact
Prof. Liselotte Alden
How Sustainable is Wind-Turbine Technology? Introduction of “Design for Environment” Approach for Wind-Turbine Development
Ms. Galit Kenigsberg
New Israeli Technology for Power Delivery & Distribution with Extremely Low Magnetic Field (ELMF) Features Potential Energy Saving, Reduced Interference and Safe Environment
Mr. Shalom Green
Challenges for the Expansion of Wind Power in Brazil
Ms. Daniela Garcia Giacobbo
Brazil: 20,000 MW of Wind Installed Capacity by the Year 2020
Prof. Everaldo Feitosa
Wind and RE for Industry: Winners and Losers
Prof. Dieter Holm
Indian Ambition to have 175 GW of Renewables by 2022
Prof. K. Kasthurirangaian
Supplying the World Entirely with Renewable Resources (Keynote)
Ms. Emily Rochon
B100 – Breaking the Virtual Glass Ceiling of 100% Renewable Energy (Keynote)
Mr. Gad Hareli
Identifying the Business Case for Hybrid Off-Grid Applications: Case Study West Africa
Mr. Nopenyo Dabla
Wind Farms in Latin America: Comparing Legislations of Principal Countries (Keynote)
Prof. Erico Spinadel
Wind Matters: China’s Role in the Future of Wind (Keynote)
Mr. Wu Gang
We are at a Historical Turning Point
Dr. Preben Maegaard
Towards a Zero Carbon Israel: Can Israel Provide its Electricity Needs Using 100% Renewable Resources? (Keynote)
Ms. Yael Cohen Paran
Assessment of Wind Speed Statistics in Samaria Region (Keynote)
Prof. Alon Kuperman
Current Status of Japanese Offshore Wind R&D Projects and its Roadmap (Keynote)
Prof. Chuichi Arakawa
Can Wind Power Meet the World Electricity Demand (Keynote)
Dr. Anil Kane
Consideration and Contribution for Ocean Environmental Impact under the Offshore Windfarm (Keynote)
Prof. Choong-Yul Son
Surface Wind Regionalization Based on Similarity of Time-series Wind Vectors
Dr. Hyun-Goo Kim
Present Status and Target of Japanese Wind Power Generation
Prof. Izumi Ushiyama
Case Study: The Accomplishments and Shortcomings of Australia`s Renewable Energy Target: A Pure Market-Based Support Mechanism
Mr. Mark Schneider
Stakeholder Engagement and Mitigation in the Offshore Wind Energy Sector: Issues and Lessons Learnt – Case Example: UK Fisheries Industry
Sebastian Ulrichs
The Current Situation and Developing Trend of Chinese Wind Power Industry
Mr. Shen Dechang
Is Surface Wind Speed Weibull Distributed?
Prof. Yosef Ashkenazy
Israeli Wind Energy Atlas – Methods, Verification and Results
Mr. Dimitry Venger
Lowering the Cost of Small Wind Turbines, while Increasing their Capacity Factor
Mr. Eli Rozinsky
Halftime “Energiewende”: 35 Years of Energy Transition: 35 More to Go
Ms. Carla Vollmer
Who Kills Wind Turbines? (Keynote)
Prof. Ofira Ayalon
Coping with the Environmental Dilemma in Wind Energy Policy
Adv. Tzipi Iser Itsiq
Data Management for a Renewable-Integrated Electricity Grid
Prof. Sabrina Spatari
Offshore Wind Energy Deployment Policy in Korea
Dr. Namho Kyong
Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines for Continuous, Online Detection of Critical Operating Conditions and Wear Damage with Wearsens
Dr. Manfred Mauntz
Global Renewable Energy Development: Status and Outlook (Keynote)
Ms. Laura Williamson
The Cost of Wind Power
Mr. Michael Taylor
A Novel Off-Grid Wind Energy Generator
Mr. Anan Garzuzi
Technology Information Dissemination Systems as an Innovation Barrier in the Field of Wind Energy
Dr. George Pechlivanoglou
Reducing Wind Turbine Tower Vibrations using Tuned Mass Dampers
Prof. George Weiss
The Ultimate Active Flow Controlled Turbine Blade (Keynote)
Prof. Avraham Seifert
Wind Energy in the Renewable Energy Mix to go for 100 % Renewable Energy
Stefan Gsänger