WWEC 2015 Committee
Partial List (arranged alphabetically) Updated 01 June, 2015

Executive Chairs:

Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General, Germany
Gadi Hareli, IsraWEA CEO, Israel

WWEC 2015 Conference Chairs:

Prof. He Dexin, President, WWEA and Chinese Wind Energy Association, China
Prof. Dr. Chuichi Arakawa, Tokyo University & WWEC 2016 Executive Chair, Japan

International Programme Chairs

Prof. Everaldo Feitosa Director, Brazil Wind Energy Center Brazil
Prof. Siegfried Heier IWES Kassel Germany
Prof. Shi Pengfei China World Wind Association China
Prof. Aviv Rosen Former Dean, Aeronautic Engineering Faculty, Senior VP, Technion University,L. Shirley Tark Chair in Aircraft Structures Israel

International Programme Committee

Prof. Ofira Ayalon Head, Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Management, Haifa University Israel
Mr. Francisco Boshell IRENA Innovation and Technology Center Germany
Mr. Igor Bryzgunov Russian Wind Energy Association RAWI Russia
Ms. Pia Buschmann Deenet Germany
Prof. Peter Droege General Chairman, World Council for Renewable Energy,  Liechtenstein
Prof. José Etcheverry President, Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance Canada
Dr. Gideon Friedmann Technologies & Renewable Energy Section Manager – Ministry of Energy Israel
Prof. David Greenblatt Head of the Flow Control Laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion Israel
Prof. Frede Hvelplund Dept. of Development and Planning, Aalborg University Denmark
Prof. Dieter Holm Emeritus Prof & Head Research & Postgraduate Studies, Div. Env. Design & Management U Pretoria South Africa
Dr. Jami Hossain Chair, Managing Director, Windforce Management India
Dr. Tetsu Iida Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Japan
Dr. Anil Kane Chairman Emeritus, Indian Wind Energy Association- InWEA India
Prof. K. Kasthurirangaian Chairman, Indian Wind Power Association India
Dr. Andriy Konechenkov President, Ukrainian Wind Energy Association Ukraine
Dr. Heinz Kopetz President, World Bioenergy Association Austria
Prof. Alon Kuperman Ariel University Israel
Prof. Harry Lehmann General Director, Environmental Planning and Sustainability Strategies, Federal Environment Agency of Germany Germany
Ms. Christine Lins Executive Secretary, REN21 France
Dr. Preben Maegaard President Emeritus, World Wind Energy Association Denmark
Dr. Einat Magal Manager of Earth and Marine Sciences Research Ministry of Energy Israel
Prof. Conrado Moreno Vice President, World Wind Energy Association & Center of Study for Renewable Energy Technologies (CETER) Cuba
Dr. Sinaia Netanyahu Ministry of Environmental Protection Israel
Mr. Uri Noy Partner, Erdinast, Ben Nathan & Co., Advocates Israel
Ms Mika Obayashi Japan Renewable Energy Foundation Japan
Mrs. Johanna Olesen Chairwoman, Swedish Wind Power Association SVIF Sweden
Prof. Monica Oliphant Former President, International Solar Energy Society (ISES),
University of South Australia
Prof. Galal Osman President, Egypt Wind Energy Association, former WWEC Chair, President, African Wind Energy Association, VP, WWEA Egypt
Dr. Josep Puig President, Eurosolar España Spain
Dr. David Renné President, International Solar Energy Society and Emeritus of the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory USA
Prof. Yosef Reuven Avian Migration and Wildlife Conservation Consultant Israel
Ms. Marietta Sander Executive Director, International Geothermal Association Germany
Mr. Dechang Shen Secretary GeneralChinese Wind Energy Equipment Association China
Mr. Xingjia Yao President, Chinese Wind Energy Association China
Mr. Stefan Schurig Director, Climate Energy, World Future Council Foundation Germany
Prof. Choong-Yul Son Vice President, WWEA, Mokpo National University, Offshore Wind Energy Center South Korea
Prof. Erico Spinadel President, Argentine Wind Energy Association Argentina
Prof. Avi Seifert Head, Mechanical Engineering School, Tel-Aviv University Israel
Dr Ela Strauss Ministry of Science, Technology and Space Israel
Mr. Volker Thomsen Treasurer, World Wind Energy Association Canada & Germany
Prof. Dr. Tanay Sıdkı Uyar Head, Energy Section, Marmara University
Vice President, World Wind Energy Association

Local Advisory Committee

Mr Yosef Abramowitz President & CEO, Energiya Global Capital Israel
Mr. Ron Adam Permanent Representative of Israel to IRENA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem Israel
Mr. Roi Feder Managing Director, APCO Worldwide Israel
Mr. Honi Kabalo Public Utility Authority Israel
Mr. Israel Shamay Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, Head of the Americas Operations, Matimop – Israeli Industry Center for R&D Israel
Mr. Elad Shaviv CEO, The Israeli Smart Energy Association Israel
Mr. Joe van Zwaren Former Director for Physics Ministry of Science Israel
Dr. Eitan Yudilevich Executive Director, BIRD Foundation Israel
Mr. Yuval Zohar Head of Renewable Energies, The Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources Israel